Create-a-Caption: ‘Don’t leave me hanging, man’

C'mon, ref. Gerald Wallace is a good dude, and he's trying to get a pound. Don't show him up. He's a stoic sort, so his face won't betray how sad you're making him, but trust me, dude, he is very, very sad about this whole situation. Plus, you're upsetting Nate McMillan. Just go ahead and give him a pound. Please?

Best caption wins good handshake tips, because business is dumb. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Jameer Nelson just feels safe in Dwight Howard's arms.


Winner, Anonymous: Howard: "Milk helps you grow. Get in here, little guy."

Runner-up, Neil: D12 breaks the ultimate 10-second rule.

Second runner-up, Get a CLew: Players react after learning Stan Van Gundy will be leaving the Magic, only to be replaced by his brother.

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