Create-a-Caption: Dominate another Dray

I get why Dwyane Wade(notes) would want to make another super-cool "I am a spy and also a superhero" commercial, especially now that the Miami Heat have completely worked out all of their coaching, chemistry, offensive and spiritual issues, and are unquestionably going to win their next 64 consecutive basketball games. I was unsure, however, about the Wade/Nike creative enclave's decision to film the spot live during a game against the Washington Wizards, because I thought it would be hard to integrate espionage and superpowers into an iso-heavy in-game scheme.

I was also skeptical about their choice to cast Andray Blatche(notes) as the ad's antagonist, because like 11 people outside the DMV know who he is and it's hard to make a dude who got poop-shoed seem like a viable villain. But still shots like the one above give me high hopes for the finished product. Blatche looks like a lumbering menace, Wade looks poised and slick, and Kirk Hinrich(notes) looks like he might steal the show with his turn as "Creepy Elf Henchman." All that LARPing as Legolas finally paid off, Kirk. Kudos.

Best caption wins a real positive sense of fulfillment and accomplishment. (What? They can't all be winners.) Good luck.

In our last adventure: Jason Richardson was beside himself, and also Steve Nash, on Thanksgiving Eve.

Winner, jlpamc: Sadly, Nash and Richardson are playing defense.

Runner-up, D.: "Oh my God. I'm back. I'm home. All the time, it was ... We finally really did it. You maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you ... damn you all to hell!"

Second runner-up, Mike: J-Rich: "Simply ... Ravishing!"

Nash: "I am leaving before I get a Rude Awakening."

(NOTE: This earned placement in honor of the time-honored Thanksgiving/Thanksgiving Eve tradition, Survivor Series.)

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