Create-a-Caption: Dikembe Mutombo is such a gossip

"Psssssst — this event we are at benefits the United Nations Foundation's 'Nothing But Nets' campaign, which sends life-saving bed nets to protect families in Africa from malaria."

Gosh, put Dikembe Mutombo and Shaquille O'Neal together and they are like a couple of chattering ol' bitties doing wonderful charitable work to help people in need. Good gravy.

What do you think Dikembe's passing on to Shaq? Best caption wins some really solid tips on creating your own chamber of secrets. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Eric Gordon doesn't seem to think that Mo Williams' "Blind Mummy" impression is very funny.

Winner, Mr: Somtimes you have to yell "uncle" and sometimes you have to yell "creepy uncle."

Runner-up, Michael: After choking so much throughout the season, Mo Williams tries to give the heimlich maneuver to various members of the Hornets.

Second runner-up, Give_and_go: Mo Williams proves he learned something from his days in Cleveland: how to be a choke artist.

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