Create-a-Caption: 'I did it!'

You sure did, Delonte West(notes)! Way to go, pal! You did such a great job. Your teammates and coaches on the Boston Celtics are so proud of you, and so are all of us!

You know what, Delonte? Go into my desk drawer — no, not THAT one, the one on the right; you know never to go into THAT one, right, buddy? — and take out a gold star to put on the Great Job! Board. You deserve it.

What did Delonte accomplish that's got him feeling so pleased? Best caption wins the complete "gold star system" learning experience. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Vinny Del Negro is keeping a close eye on Blake Griffin(notes). Like, really close.

NOTE: There were a lot of strong captions that managed to be phenomenally juvenile without being, y'know, stereotypical and the worst. For that, dear readers, I thank you. You've fortified my faith in humanity.

Winner, Eugene Shin: Through all the cheers and fan noise, you could still hear Ryan Gomes'(notes) heart shattering into a million tiny pieces. Coach had found a new favorite.

Runner-up, Sam Orme: Despite Coach Del Negro's best efforts, Blake Griffin remains the staring contest champion of the universe.

Second runner-up, Jones6: "You're face-guarding totally wrong, Blake. Like me, see? This is how you do it."

It's a banner day here at Camp C-a-C, because we've got TWO Special Commendations in Ruling to award in the Repurposed Movie Quotes That Made Me Laugh But Did Not Merit Award Placement Above The Actual Jokes Division. (Always a highly competitive division.)

Kudos to Brian B., who invoked "Wet Hot American Summer," which is always a strong choice:

"Yeah, you made the shot, but you are in charge of the post-game bug juice, rook. DO YOU KNOW WHERE THE POWDER PACKETS ARE?!"


And similar plaudits to Tyler for doing what no one else ever has: Turning Vinny Del Negro into R. Lee Ermey.

Gunnery Sergeant Del Negro: How tall are you, private?

Private Griffin: Sir, six-foot-ten, sir!

Gunnery Sergeant Del Negro: Six-foot-ten, I didn't know they stacked [EXPLETIVE] that high!

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