Create-a-Caption: D.J. Augustin wishes Nate Robinson would be quiet

"Hey, D.J.? Thanks. Seriously." — Larry Brown, Isiah Thomas, Mike D'Antoni, Doc Rivers, Scott Brooks, Mark Jackson and Tom Thibodeau, probably.

Best caption wins a compendium of Quiet Time Tales, courtesy of Grandpa Read and Champ (not really). Good luck.

In our last adventure: Ronny Turiaf is beside himself. Not literally, unfortunately, because two Ronny Turiafs (Turiaves?) would be just about the best thing a boy could ask for. Seriously: Get on that, science.

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Winner, Paolo: That awkward moment when you realize you sent that dirty text to your mother and not your wife.

Runner-up, Mark: "I can't believe Bruce Willis was dead the whole time."

NOTE: And I can't believe you spoiled the ending of "Disney's The Kid," Mark. Shame on you.

Second runner-up, A Yahoo! User (ooh, mysterious!): "Wait, are you serious ... Boehner's counter-proposal doesn't even MENTION the debt ceiling?!"

NOTE: I heretofore demand that all political and economic debate consumed in these United States feature commentary offered by Ronny Turiaf. On this point, I will not negotiate; I DEMAND it.