Create-a-Caption: Cool Steveshake, Lakers point guards

Ball Don't Lie

I think it's good that Steve Nash and Steve Blake are really embracing this whole "we are guys named Steve who play the same position for the Los Angeles Lakers" thing. Genuine enthusiasm about shared life experience is great, so go ahead and Steve it up, I say. One thing, though: While I get the tractor beam-style slow approach of the flat hands, I'm not so sure about the way they "dock" and just stay together, motionless, for two to three minutes at a time. Kind of seems like you're overcommitting to the bit.

Plus, the refs really want to resume play, and that's not going to happen until one of you "disengages" and officially checks in while the other officially checks out. Maybe instead, you could just give it a good ol' slide and make them Steveships passing in the night. Just an idea. Either way, don't stop rockin' in the Steve world.

Best caption wins a performance of a song I like by Steve, the original dude from "Blue's Clues." It features the involvement of several dudes affiliated with the Flaming Lips, and scarcely any cartoon dogs (not provided by Lips affiliates, at least). Good luck.

In our last adventure, which took place a couple of weeks back: MarShon Brooks is sent to the back of the line.

Winner, Larry B: MarShon Brooks: "I got your back now, little man. Which one is The Gooch?"

Runner-up, Meowmeowmeow: "Hmm, what's Deron doing over there with all that popcorn?"

Second runner-up, Ball15life: MarShon Brooks is not as eager as the other kids when he finds out the special NBA guest will be Kris Humphries.

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