Create-a-Caption: C'mon, Russell Westbrook

I'll be honest with you, Russell Westbrook(notes) — while I admire your verve, I'm not too thrilled about this play. Sure, "flying defense" has its proponents around the league — Wilson Chandler(notes) being one, obviously, as he showed a few months back against Kevin Durant(notes), your friend and teammate on the Oklahoma City Thunder. But it's just risky business, in my view.

I know Mike Conley's(notes) been playing much better than most people think, but you've got the quicks to keep up with him! No need to get too fancy and foggy. Just stay on your feet and get into his chest, and you'll be in much better position to recover if he should get past you. It's just the smart play.

I'll admit, though: Seeing him make that face is kind of great.

Best caption wins a real heady discussion about flying defense, "Magic: The Gathering" style. Tap your manna. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Utah Jazz head coach Tyrone Corbin doesn't like it when referees "vogue."

Winner, Mike: Referee Eli Roe: "I'm gonna call a technical foul on the hightop fade you used to have ... seriously, it was way up like about here."

Tyrone Corbin: "Aww, c'mon man ... EVERYBODY had one back then!"

Runner-up, Travis: Roe: "I'm going to be this deep in cash for that call, Ty."

Second runner-up, Naix: Roe: "I'm sorry, but you must be thiiiiiiiiis tall to talk to me. Almost, but no. Or have 22 years of coaching experience."

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