Create-a-Caption: Chris Duhon is very happy to show off his tattoos …

... but Tayshaun Prince can't believe that Chris Duhon's got "My Neck, My Back" and "My Girl, My Sharona" on his triceps. You didn't have to go for symmetry, man.

Best caption wins the comforting assurance that flexing all day won't hurt you. Whew. I mean, thank God. Good luck.

In our last adventure: J.J. Hickson finds inner peace as Derrick Williams finds two points.

Winner, GWiss: "Nothing can disturb the slumber of J.J. Hickson. Trust me, we tried everything." — Keith Smart

Runner-up, QwerV1: Hickson: "OK, Derrick, I gotta sneeze. Now don't go driving to the rim while I'm sneezing, because I won't be ready."

Williams: "All right, J.J., I promise."

Hickson: "Seriously, now. I don't want to turn my back and hear you dunking the ball and making me look like a complete idiot in front of all these cameras."

Williams: "Yeah, yeah, don't worry. You know I got your back."

Hickson: "Thanks, man. I always knew I could trust you."

Second runner-up, My Name is Jason.: Someone please tell Derrick Williams that it is very rude to interrupt J.J. while he delivers the traditional third quarter impassioned Shakespearean soliloquy to section 207!

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