The thing is, David West(notes) loooooooved Class Picture Day in school. At a time when so many of his fellow players are having to pick up and move to new locales, can you really blame him for wanting to recapture some of the innocence and purity of youth, when your biggest mandate was smiling as wide as you can, even if it made you look a little bit cray-cray? I certainly can't.

Best caption wins that gross communal comb that you didn't want within six feet of your head. Good luck.

In our last adventure: JaVale McGee takes a leadership role.

Winner, Mike: "I will take this entire franchise under my wing and lead [it] to third-from-last in the Eastern Conference."

Runner-up, azv321: "All right, hosers, I want all 12 of us fighting for every meter on all three downs. We're gonna make this a Boxing Day the Prime Minister will never forget."

NOTE: This makes me want JaVale McGee(notes) to play for the Toronto Raptors and become a Canadian citizen. That just feels right.

Second runner-up, Mr: "I swear to God, if any of you pretend to have a gun in this huddle, I'm gonna smack you."

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