Create-a-Caption: In celebration of Drew Gooden

Ball Don't Lie

We had quite a lot of fun on Basketball Twitter on Tuesday night laughing at different faces made by Milwaukee Bucks power forward Drew Gooden, whom our friends at SB Nation (led by Brian Floyd) realized is quite photogenic, in his own inimitable way. And now, because not everyone's on Twitter (still), despite the fact that this photo is from April and even though Gooden has made just 10 appearances for the Bucks this season as a handful of other dudes have passed him in Milwaukee's frontcourt rotation, I offer it to you, trusting C-a-C participants, so that all may share in the joy of Drew Gooden's face and make jokes about it. Don't say I never gave you anything.

Best caption wins even more Drew Gooden faces, because the Internet loves you. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Hakim Warrick and Paul Pierce cast their eyes skyward.

Winner, Sb91: Win No. 10 looks pretty far away for the Bobcats, doesn't it?

Winner, Mongoloid: Pierce: "Are those meteors?"

Warrick: "No, they're just airballs."

Second runner-up — TIE! — DW-3: "Are we on the dance cam yet?"

"No, keep on dancing."

Second runner-up — TIE! — Jtee: "I'm gonna catch that Skittle. Lime is my favorite."

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