Create-a-Caption: Carmelo Anthony has a sad

Maybe it's that he missed 21 shots on Thursday, including a potential game-winner at the end of the fourth quarter. Maybe it's that he just watched Nate Robinson go bonkers over the final 20 minutes and make fun of his pal Steve. Maybe it's that he's bummed that the 13-game winning streak is over. Maybe it's because he can't shake the feeling that the new season of "Arrested Development" won't live up to the initial run and all the subsequent hype. (Been there, bro.)

Whatever it is, one thing is clear: Like another New York sports superstar before him, Carmelo Anthony has a sad. And I'd like for you to tell me why.

Best caption wins a fresh box of Kleenex. (Not really.) Good luck.

In our last adventure: DeAndre Jordan just finished the second season of "Girls," and he isn't letting anything get anywhere near his ears. (Also, based on the lion's share of Thursday's comments, it is apparently important to reiterate that Create-a-Caption is A Home For Jokes, not A Place Where I Am Actually Quoting NBA Players Complaining About Things.)

Winner, Thelionelking: DeAndre Jordan attempts to shield his ears from the noise in the comments section.

Runner-up, Mark M: DeAndre Jordan signals to the refs that he was fouled with not one, but two wet willies on that last play.

NOTE: Shouts to Delonte West and Gordon Hayward. #NeverForget

Second runner-up, Big S: DeAndre Jordan shows he can help plug up empty spaces. (He's also good defensively.)

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