Create-a-caption: Carlos Boozer super rebound version 14

Whoa! Great rebound, Carlos Boozer(notes). You really ripped it out of the sky on that one. Very good job securing the ball. I just have one question — why so intense? You keep jumping with your teeth out like that, and one of them is bound to break. Dental insurance is expensive. I'm just trying to look out for you, man. Best caption wins Super Poligrip. Good luck.

Previously, Dwight feels pretty, oh so pretty.

Winner, Roger Mason(notes) Jr. = Hero: "Howard's strength is nonpareil; he can even resize his own photos."

Runner-up, Chris: "Dwight Howard, eager to show his leadership abilities, takes the rest of the Magic under his wing."

Second runner-up, Mad D: "Mikael Pietrus looked upon in horror as Marcin Gortat(notes) dared Orlando Magic teammate Dwight Howard(notes), to throw a frisbee as hard as he could during half time on free frisbee friday. Howard's court date has yet to be determined."

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