Create-a-Caption: 'I cannot believe these savings!'

Brook Lopez(notes) has a hard time containing his excitement when he sees the full run of "Arrested Development" on sale for less than $30, which seems kind of weird to me, frankly. Like the guy with the $5,490,303 remaining on his contract really cares about saving a couple of bucks. Come on!

Best caption wins a Cornballer. Good luck, and seriously, be careful with that thing.

In our last adventure: Dirk Nowitzki and Tyson Chandler are totally bamboozled.

Winner, Cruz: Dirk: "We're locked out!? I thought you said you got the keys!"

Tyson: "No! It was a question. I was like, 'Got the keys?'"

Runner-up, Jayjay: Dirk Nowitzki(notes): "It's pronounced 'NOVITZKI.'"

Tyson Chandler(notes): "NOWITZKI."

Dirk: "No."

Tyson: "No."

Dirk: "Vitz."

Tyson: "Vitz."

Dirk: "Ki."

Tyson: "Ki."


Tyson: "NOWITZKI!"

Jason Kidd(notes): "Just call him Dirk."

J.J. Barea: "I call him Germs."

Second runner-up, Daniel: Nowitzki: "What do you mean, I can't move fast from end to end?"

Chandler: "That's what I said. You are the slowest ... hey, where did Dirk go?"

Kidd: "Behind you."

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