Create-a-Caption: A.C. Green is a very tough interviewer

Listen, I don't know what kind of game you're running, Adorable Kid at the NBA Nation Fit Clinic in Universal City, Calif. But if you think that your clever misdirections and slippery doublespeak are going to keep A.C. Green from finding out what he wants to know, then you are just being silly.

The guy dealt with NBA beat writers for 16 years — he knows a thing or two about evading questions. Plus, he owns "A Few Good Men" in literally every available video format, including VCD, because he really, really loves it when Tom and Jack yell about red codes or whatever. I mean, he doesn't really get the scene, but he likes all that terse back-and-forth. So if you keep dancin', you're going to be in for it, Adorable Kid.

And don't think your friend there's going to help distract A.C. Green. If there's one thing we know about A.C. Green, it's that when he sets his mind to something, he sticks with it. Boy, does he stick with it.

Best caption wins a fedora large enough to fit over your tight afro with a press card big enough to be seen from space in the brim (NOTE: not really). Good luck.

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Winner, Thanatos: "Look at my playoff beard!"

Runner-up, TimothyS: "Oh, crap, don't they know they still have to win eight more games?"

Second runner-up, Danny McGill: "Oh, crap, I forgot to paste on the sideburns."

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