Create-a-Caption: The Bulls’ ‘Giant Doctor’ defense is impregnable

Good luck trying to shoot over Taj Gibson now, Iman Shumpert. No wonder the Chicago Bulls — even without star point guard Derrick Rose, who sat due to an ankle injury — put a 98-86 thumping on the visiting New York Knicks on Tuesday night. They were playing six men, including one "Scrubs"-inspired cobbled-together giant*, on defense! Stinkin' cheatin' Bulls.

Best caption wins an important and relevant sonic artifact from the "Bill and Ted" soundtrack. Good luck.

* Jimmy Butler not pictured

In our last adventure: It's nice of Blake Griffin to work on Marc Gasol and Marreese Speights on their facial expression exercises. More like Blake Grizzin? No, you're right, it's not more like that.

Winner, The Coffee Machine: Speights: "Not playing baseball, but I think I just got to second base."

Runner-up, The VZA: And they said Marreese Speights couldn't even hold Blake Griffin's jock strap.

Second runner-up, Magic32: The Basketball Centipede ran into problems when they had to play against each other.

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