Create-a-Caption: Bucks coach Scott Skiles is the worst Uncle Sam

Ball Don't Lie

I'm sure Scott Skiles thought he was pretty slick the first time he thought of pointing at his Milwaukee Bucks and saying, "I want you ... to work harder at defending the pick-and-roll." It was an especially nice touch to wear the hat and beard and whole bit, because it helped soften his inner irrepressible hard-ass. But now? In November? Without the hat and beard, and with that withering Ghost Rider-style penance stare? It doesn't quite have the intended effect. In fact, it kind of terrifies us all and sort of makes us want to move to Canada.

What do you think coach Skiles is pointing at/asking for/scaring the living daylights out of? Best caption wins a year's supply of Skiles smiles, which are far more comforting nope, those are somehow just as off-putting, which, wow. Anyway, good luck.

In our last adventure: Kobe Bryant salutes James Harden's years-long commitment to Movember and Decembeard. (Great work on this one, y'all. Proud of you.)

Winner, Dick Smothers: "So I rub the Chia seeds on my face and it just grows by itself?"

Runner-up, Brown: "I think Metta will still recognize you in a different jersey."

NOTE: As it turns out, it was Jeremy Lin, not Harden, who felt the wrath of Ron-Ron. Just glad that (possibly) inadvertent whack didn't break the skin; Jeremy is a bleeder, after all.

Second runner-up (TIE!), Waleks: "For you, it's the beard. For me, it was the mini-fro. You have got to shave it all off before it consumes your entire being, man. Believe me, you'll save a bundle on therapy."

Second runner-up (TIE!), DW-3: Harden: "May the best man win."

Bryant: "I will."

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