Create-a-Caption: Blake Griffin just realized he forgot to set his DVR

"Ohmanohgeezohmanohgeezohcrap. Chris, do you know if CSPAN 2 is going to re-air the Book TV on E.O. Wilson's 'The Social Conquest of Earth?'"

"What, you didn't RECORD it?"

"I don't think so. I can't remember. Maybe I did. Maybe it's fine. Maybe I did."

"Man, for your sake, I hope so. Otherwise you're going to be totally lost in Discussion Group this week, and you know how much Kenyon hates it when we're not all caught up."

Best caption wins a string to tie around your finger so that you never forget something this important again. Good luck.

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Winner, Vaffanculo: So that's the Kate Upton video that YouTube won't show anymore.

Runner-up, The Football God: So the dark cloud of Derrick Rose's injury wasn't a metaphor?

Second runner-up, John Patrick: While Spencer and Joakim can smell the playoff intensity in the air, only Luol can taste it.

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