Create-a-Caption: BIG AMERICAN (and Spanish) PARTY!

Everybody's disco dancing! Lots of fun, good times for all! I am having very good time! Robot dancing? Oh, no, wait, that's just Pau Gasol. Sorry. (You can understand the mistake, though, yes?)

Seriously: International exhibitions that end with 22-point decisions and giant explosions of confetti following the final whistle seem like just about the best (if most surprisingly ridiculous) kind of exhibitions there can be. Great job, Spain!

Best caption wins Kool AND the Gang, for the price of just Kool! You can't beat that with a wiffle-ball bat! Good luck.

In our last adventure: INTO THE PAST! Charles Barkley sees a future Argentinian superstar in the bald spot of one unassuming NBA referee.

Winner, The Devil: "Property of David Stern, All Rights Reserved."

Runner-up, Joel: "'$50 per shady call in your favor. $150 for an ejection of an opponent (my choice). $500 for me to throw the game.' ... Dang! I didn't know these guys came with instructions."

Second runner-up, Larry B: A "friendly" reminder tattooed on the back of the referee's head: "Bulls in 6."

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