Create-a-Caption: ‘Bet you can’t blink your whole face out of existence, LeBron’

Classic pre-NBA Finals trickery, Oklahoma City Thunder trollfan. Question the opposing team's best player's ability to perform a feat of dark magick that will render him incapacitated/faceless for the duration of the series, then watch him struggle with the question of whether he should rise to the dare or allow it to pass. Super shrewd.

Best caption wins important information on the bitterest substance known to humankind, which somehow is not your crazy ex. (You know the one. Yipes.) Good luck.

In our last adventure: Chris Bosh has his face game on point as he enters the finals.

Winner, Keith K: "I knew that second helping of pinto beans was a bad idea."

Runner-up, HuffyTheGreat: "The more I work out my shoulders, the smaller my head looks."

Second runner-up, Coolstorybro: "Please let there be mineral water waiting for me in the locker room."

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