Create-a-Caption: 'I AM MY OWN MAN! I AM FINE!'

There are various schools of thought on getting over a break-up. Some say it's a three-step process. Others suggest it must be done in seven installments. Still others contend it takes a full two weeks.

The only thing on which everyone agrees is that the journey to a mended heart begins with a single step: Screaming at Linas Kleiza(notes) for a full 48 minutes. On Friday night, when the Toronto Raptors traveled to Tinseltown to play the Toronto Raptors, the healing started. Hang in there, Dewey.

Best caption wins freaks, of the eight-legged variety. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Kendrick Perkins is on the march.

Winner, Kibbitz: Danny Ainge: "Uh, Perk, we want you back for the Rockets in January, not the Rockettes in December."

Runner-up, John: "OK, kids, for our next lesson in post defense, let's practice our throat chop/chest kick combo."

Second runner-up, jlpamc: After taking one giant step forward, poor Kendrick has to return to the beginning for failing to say, "Mother may I."

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