This crazy stat shows Kobie Turner is more than just Aaron Donald’s sidekick

Kobie Turner is well on his way to becoming a Pro Bowl defensive tackle someday, potentially as early as next season. The third-round rookie has already established himself as one of the most disruptive interior rushers in the NFL, recording 48 pressures in his first season as a pro – the second-most among all rookie defensive tackles.

Yes, he has the benefit of playing alongside Aaron Donald, which has tangible rewards, but he’s not simply a player who has success because Donald is his teammate. Turner wins on his own, too, even when double-teamed by opposing linemen.

J.B. Long uncovered a great stat that shows Turner is more than just Donald’s sidekick and a player who only wins because of his future Hall of Fame teammate. According to Next Gen Stats, Quinnen Williams of the Jets is the only defensive tackle who has more pressures when double-teamed than Turner. Williams has 24 and Turner has 22.

That’s right: Not even Donald has as many pressures versus double-teams as Turner.

There’s no question Donald draws extra attention his way and creates more one-on-one opportunities for his teammates, but that’s not the only reason Turner is excelling in Year 1. Turner is doing a lot on his own to beat blockers, both in the run game and as a pass rusher.

So for those discrediting Turner because of who he plays next to, think again. Turner deserves all the credit for a stellar rookie year.

Story originally appeared on Rams Wire