How 'Crazy Rich Asians' paved the way for 'Last Christmas'

Yahoo Entertainment

Henry Golding melted hearts as Nick Young in "Crazy Rich Asians." The film broke box-office records as the biggest rom-com in a decade. Golding rose to stardom and broke the typical leading man role, paving the way for more representation in Hollywood.

In "Last Christmas" he's also embracing leading-man duties as Tom, a stranger who comes to Kate's (Emilia Clarke) rescue. Golding told Yahoo Entertainment he's seen a change in the roles he's getting, thanks to "Crazy Rich Asians." "That movie has changed the casting of movies ... the creation of characters." Michelle Yeoh, who played Golding's mom in "Crazy Rich Asians," plays Santa in "Last Christmas." The actress agreed saying, "We have an Asian leading man ... that should be the norm."

Watch the video above for what Golding has to say about the "Crazy Rich Asians" sequel.

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