Is this the craziest offseason in NFL history?

Andy Behrens and Dalton Del Don discuss all of the huge news that has come out of the NFL offseason so far and talk about some of the dominoes that are still yet to fall.

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: You mentioned earlier that you think this is the craziest off season we've ever had and I don't think there's just recency bias there. I mean, we've had off seasons where there's a crazy injury, there's some sort of crazy suspension looming, there's a holdout, there's trades, but I mean, we don't see this volume of trades involving this level of player. Every week there is something that has just sort of shaken the NFL like an etch-a-sketch and just rewritten everything, right? This is happening constantly.

We had the Davante Adams trade and the staggering contract that he signed. The Russell Wilson trade, the Tyreek Hill trade, the Deshaun Watson trade, the Matt Ryan trade. We had the crazy Carson Wentz trade. Tom Brady.

We mentioned it before, Brady retired, got scooped on his own retirement announcement and then unretired a few weeks later. We still have, presumably, we have a Garoppolo deal that may yet happen. We have a Baker Mayfield deal that may yet happen. We have teams that don't really have plausible, viable starting quarterbacks right now, so there are still holes to fill. Maybe there's a Gardner Minshew deal out there somewhere.

I don't know. This is the wildest off season. Is it just going to be like this going forward? Is this just what it looks like?

DALTON DEL DON: Yeah, it's a year round sport. Yeah, it feels like it is going to be even more of this. Other than Tom Brady screwing it up, the one theme here is it's the AFC getting better. I mean, you said it, but I'll just repeat. Davante Adams, Russell Wilson, Tyreek Hill, Deshaun Watson went back there, Matt Ryan went over there, and Carson Wentz left there.

So I mean, you just go down the list and the AFC is getting better and better and the NFC is getting worse. But I don't mind that as a 49ers fan, but yeah, Brady messed it up and of course Aaron Rodgers returned. But yeah Jimmy Garoppolo, who knows what's going to happen there. But the trade candidates are dwindling.

It always seemed like the Colts, reportedly that shoulder surgery, just teams don't love the fact that he won't be able to really learn, get into the offense. He could still learn the offense. I don't know, but that's definitely muddied up things in San Francisco, as even the local beat writers are now unsure of what exactly is going to happen, when they were 100% confident that Jimmy would be traded six weeks ago.

ANDY BEHRENS: I should also mention, I think we mentioned this at the top, again, Stefon Diggs tweeted on Thursday. This is exactly what he said in the tweet. "It's always business, never personal." That guy must want to get extended right now, right?

I'd be thinking that way if I were Stefon Diggs and Tyreek Hill just landed $30 million a year, and Davante Adams just landed $27 million a year or whatever it was. And if I'm Stefon Diggs and I'm coming off just a couple of years ago one of the great seasons in recent memory and I'm 27, 28-years-old, yeah, I want some fresh money. I want to get paid like the leading receivers in the NFL. I don't know if Cooper Kupp feels the same way.

I would coming off the season that he's just had. It just seems like, and maybe this is partly Jacksonville giving Christian Kirk what they gave him and maybe this is-- Davante Adams certainly deserved to be paid at the top of the market. I have certainly no issue.

I don't have any issue with what anybody gets paid, but it's a salary cap league and we have to think about these things. I don't know. Are there more dominoes to fall among the elite receivers?

DALTON DEL DON: It seems that. I mean, Watson was given the biggest guarantee ever. I think Hill was ranked as number two. So yeah, it feels like it's going to be more of this.

And Diggs is an awesome receiver and, boy, Buffalo will do everything to keep him. Because I know his fantasy numbers were slightly disappointing last year, but yeah, I mean he's legit and in his prime. And yeah, these numbers are going to get astronomical. And the guys really coming up, like Deebo, the numbers are going to be huge.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, it seems like at this stage, after this off season, it's almost an insult if you're not getting $20 million. That's a little bit of an insult if you're not getting 25, right? Like, is Deebo going to want to get sort of the high end running back plus high end wide receiver money? I don't even know how to pay Deebo.