Crawford urges managers to be patient with Winker

Christopher Crawford suggests fantasy managers stay patient with Seattle Mariners OF Jesse Winker due to his underlying metrics.

Video Transcript

DREW SILVA: Jesse Winker was traded to Seattle with the expectation that he'd be a middle of the order option for a team that is trying to break a 20-year postseason drought. Early on, the results have not been what Winker, the Mariners, and fantasy managers were hoping for, with a .197, .340, .237 slash over 94% plate appearances. Those numbers are ugly. Ugly is an understatement. But on top of the sample being small, they're quite simply hasn't been anyone in baseball who has had the amount of bad luck that Winker has to open 2022.

His expected batting average is .336 and his expected weighted on base percentage is .414, which is near the top of the league. He's also drawing walks at an elite level, while only striking out in 12.5% of his plate appearances. So all of the metrics suggest that the 28-year-old deserves success. And yet, it hasn't happened. There's every reason to think that it will going forward however, and fantasy managers should stay patient with Winker. He's more than due for the hits to start dropping.