Craig Sager's kids say they were written out of will day after son's medical procedure to save father's life

The Twitter spectacle surrounding late TNT reporter Craig Sager, his estate and his children took a dramatic turn on Wednesday when his daughter, Kacy Sager provided details of how she and her siblings were written out of his will.

The most shocking revelation from Wednesday’s communication is that Kacy says that she and her sister Krista and brother Craig Sager II were all excluded from the family estate the day after Craig II completed an intense medical procedure called apheresis in an effort to save his father’s life during the spring of 2015.

Craig II backed up his sister’s claims with a tweet of his own.

Craig II’s tweet was in response to Kacy’s tweets earlier Wednesday in which she sent out excerpts from Craig II’s book detailing the medical procedure that involved needles he described resembling ballpoint pens inserted and left in both of his arms for hours as he watched his blood work through a dialysis machine.

He detailed how he went through this procedure over multiple days until doctors had collected enough stem cells they believed would be an effective donation in an effort to combat Sager’s aggressive leukemia.

Kacy followed up the book excerpts with a photocopy of Sager’s will, apparently showing an amendment he approved on June 5, the day after Craig II documented completing the procedure in a Houston hospital.

To make matters worse, Kacy says that Craig II was left with the hospital bills from the June procedure.

Kacy’s social media crusade appears to be aimed at shining light on Craig II’s sacrifices and anger with her stepmother, Stacy Sager, for her apparent role in influencing the direction of the Sager estate in light of Craig II’s medical support of their father.

Kacy has blasted Stacy for having an affair with her father while Craig was still married to her mother and accused her of preventing her from seeing her dying father during his last days.

Stacy has remained publicly silent and hasn’t posted anything on her Twitter page since 2014.

Kacy and Craig II have repeatedly posted on Twitter that they don’t intend to contest the will and that they are not lashing out at their late father.

Kacy, meanwhile, has retweeted multiple family photos on her timeline of her father from her childhood alongside the revelatory tweets over the estate drama.

Craig and Stacy Sager, seen here at an ESPN event months before Craig’s death in 2016. (Getty)
Craig and Stacy Sager, seen here at an ESPN event months before Craig’s death in 2016. (Getty)