Cowgirls qualify four wrestlers to state tournament; Freshman Charlie Elliott earns Regional Championship

Feb. 14—The Abilene Cowgirls wrestling team continues to make history as they qualified a program best four individual wrestlers for the upcoming State Tournament at Salina. The Regional Tournament was held last weekend at McPherson, and the Cowgirls seven team members that competed earned 4th place out of 36 teams at the event.

Most impressive on the day was a Regional Championship earned by freshman Charlie Elliott at 100 pounds. Elliott would impressively end up pinning all of her opponents in the tournament including the returning state champion. Undoubtedly in one of the toughest regional weight brackets, it had five of the top six ranked wrestlers in the state.

In the quarterfinals, Elliott defeated #4 seed Mylee Renville to avenge one of her two losses on the season. In the semifinals she pinned the defending state champion, No. 1 ranked, and No. 1 seed Sheena Gocela of Winfield. In the championship, Elliott pinned #2 seed Alexis Wall of Andover.

Cowgirls wrestling coach Curtis Rein commented: "This regional for Charlie included the defending state champ, last year's third-place state medalist, and two other wrestlers, one of whom defeated her earlier this year. I could not be prouder of how she stepped up to the challenge placed in front of her and took care of business. She will need to bring that same intensity at the state tournament."

Freshman Josie Keener finished in third place, and punched her ticket to the state tournament at 115 pounds by rebounding from a first round sudden death loss to win five straight matches. Ultimately while advancing on her backside bracket, she would avenge her opening match loss by pinning Nadia Vesser of McPherson. That win earned her the state berth, and a spot in the consolation final where she defeated Tyler Creadick of Pratt by fall to get 3rd place.

Coach Rein Commented: "Josie showed incredible determination and character by winning five straight matches after falling short in her first one. That is not only physically demanding, but also mentally. She and Charlie have been practicing partners all season and have definitely made each other better. I can't wait to see what Josie achieves in this sport."

Sophomore Kaylee Weibert earned her second straight trip to the state tournament after initially qualifying as a freshman a year ago. Weibert who finished in fourth place, had a nice come from behind win in her consolation semifinal match against Sydney Cummins from McPherson to officially earn her back to back trip to state.

Coach Rein commented: "For the second year in a row Kaylee earned her state berth in exciting come-from-behind fashion. She just would not be denied and kept working until she got the pin in the deciding match."

Junior Miranda Radenburg returns for her second trip to the state tournament after qualifying as a freshman two years ago. Radenburg narrowly missed qualifying last year as a sophomore in what was a loaded bracket. A third place finish this year saw Radenburg only lose one match on the day to Aubrey Brenn of Wellington, who took second in state last year. She would then pin her other three opponents to earn her second trip to state.

"I am so happy for Miranda as she has worked very hard this year following the disappointment of just missing out on state last year after making it there her freshman year," coach Rein said. "She is such a positive example for the other wrestlers, and I really appreciate that."

Despite winning regional matches for the Cowgirls, Carstyn Smith, Khloey Affolter, and Morgan Simmons all had their seasons come to an end. Their performances for the team would lead to scoring valuable points for the Cowgirls.

Coach Rein commented: "Carstyn finished 2-2 and is one of the toughest young ladies I have ever met, her wrestling future is very bright."

Khloey and Morgan both went 1-2 at regionals, but each of them wrestled up a weight and gained valuable experience by wrestling at this tournament. They both accepted the challenge of moving up a weight class to have a chance to qualify for state. Each of them won a match at regionals, and that is a positive to take into next season.

KSHSAA Girls 4-3-2-1A Regional B Results for Abilene

100 — Charlie Elliott (31-2) placed 1st and scored 28.0 team points.

—Champ. Round 1 — Charlie Elliott (Abilene) 31-2 won by fall over Peyton Wesley (Lindsborg-Smoky Valley HS) 6-18 (Fall 1:57)

—Quarterfinal — Charlie Elliott (Abilene) 31-2 won by fall over Mylee Renville (Augusta HS) 25-10 (Fall 3:42)

—Semifinal — Charlie Elliott (Abilene) 31-2 won by fall over Sheena Gocela (Winfield HS) 26-3 (Fall 3:23)

—1st Place Match — Charlie Elliott (Abilene) 31-2 won by fall over Alexis Wall (Towanda-Circle HS) 22-3 (Fall 1:55)

115 — Josie Keener (25-11) placed 3rd and scored 19.0 team points.

—Champ. Round 1 — Nadia Vesser (McPherson HS) 10-13 won in sudden victory — 1 over Josie Keener (Abilene) 25-11 (SV-1 12-10)

—Cons. Round 1 — Josie Keener (Abilene) 25-11 won by fall over Jenna Moore (Towanda-Circle HS) 11-19 (Fall 3:47)

—Cons. Round 2 — Josie Keener (Abilene) 25-11 won by medical forfeit over Carrigan Dellinger (Rose Hill HS) 22-5 (M. For.)

—Cons. Round 3 — Josie Keener (Abilene) 25-11 won by fall over Graysea Gardenhire (Clearwater HS) 16-8 (Fall 3:14)

—Cons. Semi — Josie Keener (Abilene) 25-11 won by decision over Nadia Vesser (McPherson HS) 10-13 (Dec 9-4)

—3rd Place Match — Josie Keener (Abilene) 25-11 won by fall over Taylor Creadick (Pratt HS) 24-15 (Fall 4:05)

135 — Kaylee Weibert (27-12) placed 4th and scored 13.0 team points.

—Champ. Round 1 — Kaylee Weibert (Abilene) 27-12 received a bye () (Bye)

—Quarterfinal — Kaylee Weibert (Abilene) 27-12 won by fall over Kaylinn Hoover (El Dorado HS) 16-11 (Fall 1:57)

—Semifinal — Keimarla Thompson (Pratt HS) 32-2 won by fall over Kaylee Weibert (Abilene) 27-12 (Fall 5:53)

—Cons. Semi — Kaylee Weibert (Abilene) 27-12 won by fall over Sydney Cummins (McPherson HS) 11-16 (Fall 3:23)

—3rd Place Match — Payton Newell (Clearwater HS) 18-13 won by decision over Kaylee Weibert (Abilene) 27-12 (Dec 8-4)

140 — Carstyn Smith (17-7) place is unknown and scored 6.0 team points.

—Champ. Round 1 — Carstyn Smith (Abilene) 17-7 received a bye () (Bye)

—Quarterfinal — Brooklyn Foster (Sedgwick) 27-13 won by fall over Carstyn Smith (Abilene) 17-7 (Fall 3:02)

—Cons. Round 2 — Carstyn Smith (Abilene) 17-7 won by fall over Shaelyn Dvorak (Wellington HS) 3-7 (Fall 0:49)

—Cons. Round 3 — Carstyn Smith (Abilene) 17-7 won by fall over Emma Simmons (Belleville-Republic County HS) 4-9 (Fall 0:28)

—Cons. Semi — Annabelle Soell (Gypsum-SES) 30-9 won by fall over Carstyn Smith (Abilene) 17-7 (Fall 1:45)

145 — Khloey Affolter (17-14) place is unknown and scored 4.0 team points.

—Champ. Round 1 — Khloey Affolter (Abilene) 17-14 won by fall over Alexis Westfall (Halstead HS) 5-18 (Fall 1:30)

—Quarterfinal — Macey Parks (Buhler HS) 31-11 won by fall over Khloey Affolter (Abilene) 17-14 (Fall 1:16)

—Cons. Round 2 — Kiara Rugg (Concordia HS) 6-17 won by fall over Khloey Affolter (Abilene) 17-14 (Fall 4:03)

155 — Morgan Simmons (10-19) place is unknown and scored 3.0 team points.

—Champ. Round 1 — Alyssia Brown (Chapman HS) 18-16 won by fall over Morgan Simmons (Abilene) 10-19 (Fall 4:19)

—Cons. Round 1 — Morgan Simmons (Abilene) 10-19 won by fall over Jeiza Hernandez (Concordia HS) 6-13 (Fall 2:22)

—Cons. Round 2 — Aryana Vance (El Dorado HS) 24-16 won by fall over Morgan Simmons (Abilene) 10-19 (Fall 4:09)

190 — Miranda Radenberg (31-8) placed 3rd and scored 18.0 team points.

—Champ. Round 1 — Miranda Radenberg (Abilene) 31-8 received a bye () (Bye)

—Quarterfinal — Miranda Radenberg (Abilene) 31-8 won by fall over Heidi Fairchild (McPherson HS) 11-17 (Fall 1:10)

—Semifinal — Aubrey Hunt (Wellington HS) 29-3 won by fall over Miranda Radenberg (Abilene) 31-8 (Fall 3:20)

—Cons. Semi — Miranda Radenberg (Abilene) 31-8 won by fall over Kinlea Reimier (Brookville-Ell-Saline HS) 13-6 (Fall 2:51)

—3rd Place Match — Miranda Radenberg (Abilene) 31-8 won by fall over Taylor McGowne (Kingman HS) 8-10 (Fall)