Cowboys trade back, send No. 24 to Detroit Lions in lopsided haul

The wait will have to be a little bit longer for Cowboys fans waiting for a big offseason splash. Dallas, watching a first round of the 2024 NFL draft have the first 15 picks going on offense, had plenty of choices but instead they decided to move back in the first round to pick up an extra third round pick.

The Cowboys have found a trade partner in the Detroit Lions, sending pick No. 24 to the host city of this year’s draft, along with a 2025 seventh rounder, in exchange for pick No. 29 and pick No. 73. The details of the trade are according to 105.3 The Fan’s live broadcast. The Lions moved up to select Alabama cornerback Terrion Arnold.

According to the Jimmy Johnson trade value chart, Dallas comes out way ahead in the exchange.

Pick No, 24 is worth 740 points while a future year seventh is just an additional point. Pick No. 29 is worth 640 points and No. 73 is worth 225 for a total of 865.

That 124-point difference is the equivalent of the 94th pick in the draft; an extra late third rounder.

Even if using the Rich Hill trade value chart, Dallas ends up ahead. The No. 24 pick is worth 237 points and the future seventh is still worth just one point. The 29th and 73rd picks are worth a combined 267 for a difference of +29 points in favor of Dallas. The Rich Hill model says that’s the equivalent of the 110th pick, a mid-fourth rounder.

Dallas now has three picks on Day 2 of the draft. Their own pick at No. 56, Detroit’s No. 73 and the Cowboys’ own No. 87.

Story originally appeared on Cowboys Wire