Cowboys pick up Micah Parsons's fifth-year option

Game on.

The Cowboys have exercised the fifth-year option for Micah Parsons, via Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News. Per the report, the option is based on Parsons as a defensive end, not a linebacker. It will pay him $21.32 million for 2025, fully guaranteed.

If Parsons had been characterized as a linebacker, he would have been in line for even more in 2025.

The designation technically is made by the league, based on the player's snaps in the prior year. Now that the lower number has been applied to Parsons, it's possible if not likely that a grievance will be filed.

Parsons is a victim of his immense talent and versatility. The Cowboys, instead of using him exclusively as a linebacker, move him around. That movement resulted in just enough snaps (apparently) for him to not be classified at the more valuable position.

The number for 2025 is important because it becomes the starting point for his franchise tag in 2026, if it gets to that point.

It shouldn't. The Cowboys should pay him yesterday, and Parsons shouldn't set foot on a football field until Jerry Jones breaks out the checkbook.

Ultimately, Parsons should be the highest paid non-quarterback in the NFL. Because he's the most valuable non-quarterback in the NFL.