If the Cowboys lose on Monday, is Mike McCarthy's job in jeopardy? | You Pod to Win the Game

Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson, Jori Epstein and Charles McDonald talk about what Jerry Jones and the Cowboys will do with head coach Mike McCarthy if the lose to the Buccaneers on Monday.

Video Transcript

CHARLES ROBINSON: It was interesting-- I told Frank this on Sunday, when all this came out again about McVay. I went back to the conversation I had with him in training camp. And I had completely forgotten that like the first 20 minutes of it were Sean McVay talking about just this weird-- this whole weird ideology that he had, that he had this whole philosophical approach to life. And went on and on about how irritated he was, the dip after losing the Super Bowl.

And I don't know why in the moment-- I think it was just because he had returned. And you're thinking, hey, they're gearing up for another Super Bowl run. It didn't really affect me in the moment. But now, in the wake of this news, looking back, it feels like during that conversation, he was still thinking about like, am I happy? Am I happy coaching?

He talked about finding meaning in life. And a lot of it felt like it wasn't necessarily a football related conversation. And I thought-- listening to again, I'm like, bro, you're in your early 30s. What the hell is going on? You're like, this is like a quarter life crisis from a guy who's got everything you could possibly want. And he didn't seem to know if he actually had everything he could possibly want.

Charles, let's start with you. I mean, is this just-- what-- are we going to-- does he just not want to be there for the rebuild? Because if that's the case--


CHARLES ROBINSON: I mean that's kind of messed up.

CHARLES MCDONALD: Why not? I mean, look. I think he-- I think when you look at Sean McVay, and how he's thinking about this. I think instead of saying-- he might be saying, you know, am I happy? But I think what he's actually saying is, am I going to be happy? Because--

CHARLES ROBINSON: Yeah, that's a good question.

CHARLES MCDONALD: This is crap. Where the Rams are right now, there's nowhere. There's really nowhere to go, unless literally everyone gets back healthy next year. Because you're going to be dealing with the same problems of a top heavy roster.


CHARLES MCDONALD: And not a whole lot of depth. And as we saw this year, it doesn't take a whole lot of injuries for the whole thing to be derailed. Obviously, Stafford's a different case. But there's just not a whole lot of depth on this roster, because of everything that they did to achieve a roster that was worthy of winning a Super Bowl.

So when McVay says he doesn't really know if he's enjoying this, or what have you. Look, I can imagine it's hard staring a multi-year rebuild in the face, especially because they've been buying for him ever since he got to--


CHARLES MCDONALD: --the Rams. I mean, the first year he got there, they got Robert Woods, and Andrew Whitworth, and Sammy Watkins. And they basically bought an offensive line for Jared Goff. And they were hitting the ground running right away. And now, it's not looking like it's going to be that.

I don't really know how I feel about him dipping out on a rebuild. I mean, I think I might consider it, if I was in that situation. I'm in my 30s. I'm rich. I'm handsome. I got a Super Bowl ring. [BLEEP] I look like being around a bunch of losers for, even if it's my fault?


So Sean, if you want to go and retire, and take a couple of years off? You have one person in the media who applauds and understands your decision.