Cowboys legend DeMarcus Ware explains Dak Prescott’s uptick in INTs (and how to fix it)

Dak Prescott’s interceptions have gone from hot take red meat to the number one issue and talking point ahead of the Cowboys wild card matchup against Tampa Bay. 

While many, like Fox Sports’ David Helman and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, have pointed out that it’s not in Prescott’s DNA to turn the ball over in the grand arch of his career, this year it’s clearly been a problem. 

In an interview with Sports Seriously, Cowboys legend DeMarcus Ware shared why we’ve seen an uptick in Prescott’s interceptions:

“The mentality of how Dak is thinking now is I have to carry everybody on my back. I have to try to make plays,” said Ware to Sports Seriously. “I have to sort of  try to string plays out and hit in these really small holes when guys are getting double teamed instead of just playing the management game.” 

Ware believes Prescott can at times play like he’s ‘over correcting’ for teammates’ miscues and is pressing to make the big play, rather than playing within the system.

So of course the question becomes how can this be fixed? 

Ware believes there’s two solutions: Establish the run and remind Prescott to let his playmakers take some of the pressure off of him. 

“If we can get back into Cowboys football, that’s when Dak sort of blossoms and you get to see how he really plays football,” said Ware. “Feed Zeke, Feed CeeDee, feed the guys that are around you to take the pressure off of you. 

You are the name that gets on a pedestal for the Dallas Cowboys, but the only way that happens if you take the pressure off yourself and put it on everybody else, put that ball in everybody else’s hands and let them be the show pony for you.” 


Story originally appeared on Cowboys Wire