Cowboys favored by 16.5 over Giants, biggest point spread in the NFL this season

The Cowboys aren't just heavy favorites on Sunday against the Giants. They're the heaviest favorites the NFL has seen this season.

Dallas is currently favored by 16.5, which is the biggest point spread in the NFL in 2023 by a point and a half.

Until the Cowboys this week, the biggest spreads in the NFL this season were a pair of 15-point lines. The Giants were the underdogs in one of them, against the Bills. The other 15-point underdog was Carolina, against Miami. (The Bills won 14-9 while the Dolphins won 42-21.)

Giants quarterback Tommy DeVito, an undrafted rookie third-stringer, is starting because both starter Daniel Jones and backup Tyrod Taylor are injured. It's the first start of DeVito's career, and given the way he has played when forced onto the field as a backup, the results against the Cowboys' defense will probably not be good.

Considering that the Cowboys have already beaten the Giants with a healthy Jones 40-0 this season, 16.5 may not be a big enough point spread.

The last time the NFL saw a point spread bigger than this one was in Week 14 of last season, and the Cowboys were also the favorites: Dallas was favored by 17 against Houston. Dallas surprisingly needed a fourth-quarter comeback but ultimately won 27-23.