Cowboys COO Stephen Jones supports Chiefs OT proposal: Has 'some traction'

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Patrick Mahomes watched helplessly from the sideline as Tom Brady marched the New England Patriots downfield for a touchdown in overtime of the AFC championship game.

Game over.

New England earned a Super Bowl berth with the score, preventing the Kansas City offense from seeing the field in the extra session because of a rule dictating that a touchdown ends the game in overtime.

Unhappy that their MVP quarterback didn’t have a chance to answer the Patriots score, the Chiefs proposed a rule change that guarantees both teams possession of the ball in overtime.

Jones: Chiefs’ OT proposal has ‘some traction’

It’s a proposal that the NFL owners will consider later in May. And, according to Dallas Cowboys COO Stephen Jones — who sits on the competition committee — it’s a proposal that has “some traction.”

Patrick Mahomes didn't get touch the ball in overtime of the AFC championship. (Getty Images)
Patrick Mahomes didn't get touch the ball in overtime of the AFC championship. (Getty Images)

Jones spoke with Pro Football Talk on Thursday and said that he supports the rule change while hinting that there’s a chance it could pass:

“I certainly tend to lean toward the new rule,” Jones said. “I certainly watched every play of that Kansas City-New England game, and you kind of would have liked to have seen what would have happened if Kansas City got another shot at it.”

“It was football, in my mind, the game at its best. I certainly don’t have a problem with guaranteeing each team a shot at it. ... It’s certainly something that had some traction there in the room, and certainly saw some people who were very interested in it.”

Report: Proposal considered for playoffs only

While the original proposal considered changing the rule for the regular season, PFT reports that Jones said the league would consider making the change for the playoffs only.

This proposal would allay concerns about extending the length of regular-season football games that already put enormous stress on players’ bodies while ensuring that those players who put their health on the line for the game get the fairest shake possible when the stakes are at their highest.

A rule change will require the approval of 24 of the 32 team owners.

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