COVID-19 drastically changed wedding plans for Redskins safety Sean Davis

New Redskins safety Sean Davis and his now-wife had everything planned for their wedding earlier this month. 

They had a guest list of more than 200 people. They had the venue, the flowers, everything booked.

And then ... like so many people in the last few months, their plans were changed with the COVID-19 outbreak.

"We were in New Jersey and New Jersey was getting hit really hard," he told Mike Locksley on Late Night With Locks. "We were watching the news and [the rules of] 'gatherings can't be more than 50, gatherings can't be more than 20 ..."

So all of a sudden they were going for Plan B. Or whatever number plan it is to go to when your wedding is disrupted by a pandemic. 

"We did the best we could do with the cards we were dealt with," he said. "We still had the flowers. We couldn't cancel the flowers because you can't cancel live flowers. They came in a week before everything was canceled.

"Probably five days before the big day, we get the venues calling us, the hotels 'we can't do it, we can't do it.'"

So the guest list went down from 200 something to 12 people - including an officiant. They got married in a backyard, and the weather was perfect.

"We made the best of the situation," he said. "Shoot, I would have gotten married online. I've been with my girl for forever, we've been together for five years." 

It was something, he said, they won't forget. But they're going to make up for it with an epic one-year anniversary party.

"The venue has my money and they're not giving it back," he said. "So we're going to celebrate, we're going to celebrate for sure."

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COVID-19 drastically changed wedding plans for Redskins safety Sean Davis originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

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