Can Cousins continue to produce in Houston?

Ryan Knaus explains why Rockets' DeMarcus Cousins is still a risk for managers, even though his vintage performance creates "nostalgia-based optimism."

Video Transcript

RYAN KNAUS: DeMarcus Cousins got us buzzing over the weekend with a throwback 28.17 rebound, five assists performance versus the Mavs. Now there were obvious asterisks here, as he did it without Christian Wood and Victor Oladipo. And he came into the game shooting just 26% from the field, including a combined 9 of 38 from downtown.

There is, however, a real phenomenon I've decided to call nostalgia-based optimism. And Cousins likely stoked those fires for plenty of managers with this huge performance. But before anyone could even attempt to capitalize on the game by throwing out a few trade high offers, Cousins himself threw cold water on the proceedings.

In a postgame interview, he told reporters, it is a long season. It's definitely going to be a process for me. I'm sure there will be more bad days ahead. He couldn't have done a better job reminding fantasy managers of his glaring risk factor.

So the only thing you can do is play him, hope this at least gets him going in the shotmaking department, and simply enjoy any big games that he manages to put together. He is, after all, a very fun player to have on your rosters. And Houston enjoys four straight weeks with four games in February, which gives him some cushion when he inevitably crashes back to Earth.