Courtney Lee drops a major offseason announcement about laundry

Courtney Lee had a rough first season in Boston. Brought in to help stabilize the team’s shooting guard position after Ray Allen left the team to join the Miami Heat, Lee and fellow off guard Jason Terry struggled, with Lee’s three-point percentages dropping to the ranks of the average and he played just under 25 minutes per game.

Season over, though, Lee has returned to what counts the most. And on a slow offseason Friday, for the Boston Celtics at least, Courtney is coming correct with the summer advice. From a talk with’s Jessica Camerato:

“I definitely do my own laundry. It’s not too difficult for me to put my whites in the whites bin and my darks in the darks bin and just throw it in the wash. Growing up I used to throw them in all at once, and now you see the importance putting the whites together so they can stay white.”

Huge news. Discuss as much in the comment section.

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