Of course Ron Artest lifted weights after Game 5

Ron Artest(notes) had a better night than you. Tip-in to win a game, cramazing (crazy + amazing) interview shouting-out his old neighborhood, and then a nice nightcap of weightlifting to stay in peak physical condition. Yes, really. Thirty-one minutes of playoff basketball, then a late-night weights session. Typical Ron Artest.

From TMZ:

Right after he hit the winning shot in last night's Game 5 NBA Playoff Game -- Los Angeles Lakers hero Ron Artest didn't head straight for the party scene .... instead, dude went straight to the gym!!!

After finishing up some post-game interviews, Ron rolled over to a gym right near the Staples Center around 10:30 PM PST -- and banged out a couple of sets of legs and abs.

Even better, as you can see, Artest didn't even switch shirts after his postgame interview, because he is both hilarious and a big fan of versatile clothing.

Keep doin' it, Ron. Forever and ever.

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