Couple Takes Their Wedding Photos 60 Years After Tying The Knot


It’s never too late to take yourwedding photos ― in fact, waiting may make them that much sweeter.

Brazilian couple Rosa and Russo Dias got married on atight budget in 1957, so they didn’t hire a wedding photographer to capture their big day. They now live in the small city of Cordeirópolis and have nine children, 16 grandkids, four great-grandkids and many close friends.

When SãoPaulo-based photographer David Balatonfuredi heard that this sweet pair was approaching six decades of marriage and had no wedding photos, he and his team atSão Paulo Fotografia sprang into action.

“My friend knows their family and knew they were celebrating a 60-year anniversary this year and that they didn’t have their wedding pictures,” Balatonfuredi told HuffPost. “Many, many times a marriage does not last this long, most times not even close to it, so it was pretty clear they were a very special couple... We all thought it would be a great idea to celebrate with pictures.”

Vendors from all over São Paulopitched in: Rosa donned a new dress courtesy of alocal designer, Russo got a suit for free, and the pair headed toa nearby wedding venue for an all-expenses-paid, belated photo shoot.

Some of Rosa and Russo’s familywere on hand at the shoot, where the coupleswung on a swing, kissed under twinkly lights and posed with bouquets to commemorate their 60 years of matrimony.

Rosa and Russo were excellent subjects, according to Balatonfuredi.

“We’ve shot a lot of couples, but they had a special glow and connection that gave us so much hope,” he said. “They represented what an ideal marriage and partnership should be about, [they were] really nice and patient to each other.”

These photos are an inspiration, indeed. Congrats to the happy couple!

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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