Couple Still Struggles to Have Sex After One Month of Marriage

Superfan TV

Things were finally looking up for Danielle and Cody on Married At First Sight who, prior to this week’s episode, had yet to consummate their marriage. Danielle put together a very romantic date night in front of the couple’s fireplace, which included getting warm and cuddling on blankets with their favorite drinks- Old Fashioneds. “I think given how much Cody and I have gone through in the last few weeks, we needed this because we’re almost four weeks in now. So, I think this is a really good way to kick off the rest of the four weeks and kind of set the tone and just start it off with something romantic for both of us,” said Danielle. Even Cody got excited, saying “I’m definitely hopeful we consummate the marriage tonight, for real. I feel that this is the right time. Tonight’s gonna be the night.”

Danielle then excused herself because she needed to “get one more surprise”. Unfortunately, Cody’s excitement turned to disappointment when she walked back into the room with a tray of s’mores ingredients, not lingerie or handcuffs.

However, despite not getting s’more than a kiss, Cody’s optimism prevailed. “I’m gonna do my best to be patient and, like, willing for her to work through her stuff because we’ve had ups, and we’ve had downs, but the further along we go I see that it’s allowed us to build a really strong foundation. As hard as it’s been, I think it is gonna end up paying off in the end,” said Cody.

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