Couple discovers hidden 'lava tube' beneath their house

A couple in Oregon said they discovered a secret “lava tube” running underneath their home. Suzanne and James Brierley bought their house back in 2017 and had no idea about the existence of an underground lava tube — . not until they tried to sell it, that is. Lava tubes are natural tunnels formed by lava flow. Once the lava cools or empties, a cave remains. The couple told local outlet KTVZ that their realtor had mentioned a cave under the house when they were first looking at it, . but she failed to accurately describe how enormous it was. Fox News described the cave as being so large that “there are still unexplored areas that the Brierleys have yet to discover”. “Dump the house and move into the Lava tubes,” one commenter wrote in response to the Fox News story. “Year-round temperature control naturally, practically unlimited space, and even a potential for a geothermal energy tap for an eternity of free energy. What could go wrong?”