Countdown to Camp: The 3-2-1 on UVa's options at fullback, tight end

Brad Franklin, Publisher
Cavs Corner

After taking a look at UVa's lack of depth at quarterback, the need to make up for lost production at running back, the depth and talent of the receivers, and the continued concerns on the offensive line, we close out the offense today with a look at a pair of positions that the Hoos haven't relied on terribly often: the fullback and tight ends.

Now, in the scheme that offensive coordinator Robert Anae employs, UVa uses a speed back (or what is typically viewed as a tailback) and a big back (a position that's similar in many ways to a fullback). In addition, the Cavaliers utilize a number of receiver-heavy sets and therefore don't typically use a traditional tight end.

That being said, these positions are still important, particularly in short-yardage or goal-to-go situations. And the Cavaliers have some interesting pieces for Bronco Mendenhall and the staff to consider in these two roles.

Using our 3-2-1 format, here are things we know, a couple of questions we still have, and one prediction for the FBs and TEs heading into the start of the season.

Three Things We Know

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