Could Trey Lance be the Vikings’ quarterback of the future?

The Minnesota Vikings have a lot of options at quarterback. One of them is the incumbent, Kirk Cousins, and there are several big names who might be available in free agency or via trade. Another option is next month’s draft, which is loaded with QB prospects.

While at the combine, Rich Eisen heard a different rumor that was floating around in Indianapolis as a potential option and mentioned it on his podcast: Dallas Cowboys QB Trey Lance.

“Trey Lance is a possible solve for the Vikings. Now the Cowboys picked up Lance and kept him on the roster long enough to get a bonus, so they are paying him money to keep him. They got him for a 5 (fifth-round pick), so I’m just wondering if the Vikings flip them a 3 (third-round pick), a Friday night pick, do they go ahead and do that? Trey Lance as we all know, you also have to pick up a fifth-year option. I’m just saying that the possibility is out there. The kid (Lance) is from the state as we all know, and that might be an answer.”

This isn’t the first time that Lance has been mentioned as an option for the Vikings. His name was all the rage last year until the Cowboys traded for him before the start of the 2023 season.

Is it a smart option? That’s severely debatable at this point because Lance is entering his fourth season and the rookie contract bonus is essentially up. Bringing him in as a potential bridge quarterback could still make sense.

Story originally appeared on Vikings Wire