Could low running back franchise tag number lead Raiders to tagging Josh Jacobs?

On the same day the NFL put out their salary cap for 2023, they released their franchise tag numbers for next season.

The one position among the figures that stands out like a sore thumb is that of running back.

A position that has lost a lot of value over recent years, it is now considered the lowest value position on either offense or defense at just a shade over $10 million.

This would have to factor into the Raiders decision making with regard to Josh Jacobs.

The NFL rushing title holder is headed for free agency if the Raiders don’t either extend him or place the franchise tag on him.

Obviously, he would be a valuable player to keep around if you’re the Raiders. But even if Jacobs wasn’t in their plans, putting the franchise tag on him would then make him a tradable commodity as opposed to simply a free agent, which at most would lead to a 2024 late third round pick.

As it stands, the Raiders figure have around $52 million in available cap money this offseason, so absorbing $10 million for Jacobs shouldn’t be an issue should they wish to hold onto him.

This should give the Raiders a lot to think about.

Story originally appeared on Raiders Wire