Could Klay Thompson return to Warriors' lineup if NBA season returns?

Kerith Burke
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Hi everyone! There are things bigger than basketball going on in the world, but basketball is what we are here to talk about in this mailbag. I'm grateful for your questions.

We might get an update soon about how the NBA is feeling about resuming. Adam Silver recently said, "We should accept that at least for the month of April we won't be in any position to make any decisions," but with the help of health experts and seeing the way the coronavirus (COVID-19) moves, there might be some clarity coming about whether Silver believes this season can be salvaged. Perhaps there will be another statement from Silver the first week of May.

Game On!

@K_Weavs_ If the NBA comes back this season, do you think Klay will return to the court? Start building chemistry?

I don't think so. An ACL injury takes about nine-to-12 months to heal. It would be even better, from the Warriors' perspective, if Klay Thompson could get 14 or 15 months. Under normal circumstances, Klay would resume action at training camp, which is in September ... or was, who knows.

If the current season resumes, and Klay is technically cleared for contact, he might push to play. But I don't see the upside. Stick to the plan to hold him out. 

This might confuse fans who heard all season about the value to playing Steph Curry after his injury, to get him time with teammates. But a broken hand (approx 3-to-4 months recovery) is different than an ACL (up to a year recovery). Their roles on the team are different as well. 

The expectation was Steph would play again this season, and Klay would not. It makes sense to keep it that way based on the severity of their injuries. 

@rory_h_r Do players get homework like studying plays and film?

It's not homework, but there is film study during the season. There are group sessions, and then individual work with coaches. Players study clips of their movements, and clips of other athletes who have similar styles or skills to aspire to. For example, Jordan Poole might watch clips of Klay and Steph shooting. 

During the quarantine, Steve Kerr has said in interviews he's not mandating many things, like team Zoom check-ins. So I doubt film study is mandatory homework. I would guess he's letting his players be adults and determine what they need for themselves. 

Some players watch film for fun. Kevin Durant said it was a hobby of his to study the greats. 

When, or if, the season returns and basketball feels more real, then I bet there will be a ramp-up to work that includes film study to get players back in a competitive headspace. Right now, that's hard. 

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@togas73 Are all the players Sheltering in Place in the Bay Area? Did any travel back home to be with family?

Based on their Instagrams, it appears that Steph, Poole, Draymond Green and Eric Paschall are in the Bay Area. 

It looks like Marquese Chriss went home to Sacramento. Mychal Mulder is in his hometown of Windsor, Ontario. Andrew Wiggins is not in the Bay, but I can't tell where exactly he is. The other guys I'm not sure about either. 

Via instagram, @divyatunwal says, Do you guys have any more WNBA players lined up for your podcast? I really liked the ones with Sabrina and Chiney

Thanks for listening! Logan and I are proud of the guests we've gotten for the Runnin' Plays podcast, like Sabrina Ionescu and Chiney Ogwumike. Logan also interviewed Chelsea Grey a few months ago. 

We do have another WNBA star lined up soon. Her name rhymes with Flew Curd. WE ARE SO EXCITED! I can also share that there's a Kendrick Perkins episode of the Runnin' Plays podcast coming out next week.

If you missed any episodes, here's a link to find them. You can also search "Runnin' Plays" on Spotify.

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Via Instagram, @viewswithlulu asks, Favorite things to do via quarantine?

My husband and I assembled a nice home gym! We have three sets of weights, resistance bands, a mini trampoline, and a spin bike. 

Working out is important to us. It's our stress relief. We've been taking walks too. 

I keep saying "we" because we are spending so much time together. We like to cook, read, and watch Netflix too. This time together has been nice. We both travel a lot for our jobs. That's not happening now!

Via Instagram, @renegadegabe wonders, How did you meet your husband?

We met in New York City, on a dating app. I needed to meet people outside of work and sports, and there he was, a smiling, handsome engineer who knew a great rooftop bar. 

High Five

Thanks for this kind message from @Romare who told @AmyGGiants and me, "I know everyone misses the sports, the games and the players, but I want you to know that my friends and I miss both of you, too. I hope you and your families are safe and well." 

It's a joy to cover sports for a living and to be welcomed into your living rooms on TV, or to meet you in person. Thank you for the stories you share with us, and the fandom you bring to the games. It's an honor to be a part of that. 

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