Could Justin Jefferson be recruiting Odell Beckham Jr.?

The Minnesota Vikings are 8-1 but didn’t end up making the initial list of the preferred teams of star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

What was interesting about that is they fit the presumed criteria that Beckham Jr. would have. He likes the coaching staff, played in the same offense last season and has a lot of connections with LSU alums Patrick Peterson, Justin Jefferson, Ed Ingram and his former teammate Danielle Hunter.

Jefferson has been keeping up with communicating with Beckham Jr. and the two spoke both last week leading up to the game and on the bus right afterward. Could he possibly be recruiting Beckham Jr. to Minnesota?

The word here that should be taken into account is “interesting.” That seems noteworthy because it’s not said by accident. It could just be happenstance or it could mean something. What we do know is that it’s unclear if it means anything in terms of Beckham Jr. signing with the Vikings. It likely doesn’t, but it is something that we should continue to monitor until Beckham Jr. signs with a team.


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Story originally appeared on Vikings Wire