Could Falcons be potential spot for Belichick if he leaves Patriots?

Could Falcons be potential spot for Belichick if he leaves Patriots? originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

Bill Belichick's future as the head coach of the New England Patriots remains uncertain.

He reportedly will meet with Patriots ownership this coming week to determine the plan going forward. If Belichick does leave New England after 24 years and six Super Bowl titles, where could he take his talents next?

The Atlanta Falcons could be an interesting spot for Belichick. Arthur Smith is about to wrap up his third season as head coach of the Falcons. Atlanta has a 21-29 record and zero playoff appearances in three years with Smith.

If Falcons owner Arthur Blank wants to make a change, could he target Belichick -- assuming the 71-year-old coach is available?

"I'm gonna give you one factor that people maybe aren't paying enough attention to, and that's geography," Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer said Sunday on NBC Sports Boston's Patriots Pregame Live. "So if you want to look at the teams that could be interested here -- Carolina, Atlanta, the Chargers, the Raiders. It certainly sounds, talking to people who know Bill well, that he would rather stay east.

"And that's why the Falcons, one reason at least, why the Falcons have come into play as a factor here potentially over the next week or two when it comes to Bill Belichick. And, you know, speaking specifically to maybe the approach of Arthur Blank, their owner down there, it sure sounds like he likes Arthur Smith quite a bit, but they haven't finished the season the way he'd like.

"Blank is 81 years old and the thought may be he takes a big swing or sticks with Arthur Smith. So he could be looking at Bill Belichick, Jim Harbaugh, someone along those lines where if he can land one of them and create that sort of urgency at his age and as an organization, he'd be willing to do it."

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The Falcons don't have a franchise quarterback, but they do have some impressive young players, particularly on offense. Rookie running back Bijan Robinson has a lot of talent and potential. Running back Tyler Allgeier is pretty good, too. Drake London has the makings of a No. 1 wide receiver. Kyle Pitts hasn't lived up to expectations yet but still has the ability to be a productive tight end long term.

The Falcons also are projected to have a top 10 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, giving them another way to add a premium player to their roster. Atlanta plays in a lackluster division as well, so if the team makes a few roster improvements during the offseason, winning the division and getting into the playoffs as a result could be a pretty realistic goal in 2024.

The Patriots will host the Falcons at Gillette Stadium during the 2025 regular season. So if Belichick does go to the Falcons and stays there more than one year, we could see a homecoming at some point in 2025.