Could the Bulls become sellers in the trade market? | Good Word with Goodwill

Yahoo Sports senior NBA reporters Vincent Goodwill and Jake Fischer discuss is Chicago’s shaky start to the season could signal a move involving Zach Lavine, Nikola Vucevic or DeMar DeRozan.

Video Transcript


VINCENT GOODWILL: I don't think Zach LaVine is very happy. He's not playing like a happy player. He wants to win, obviously, and he wants to be impactful.

I'm not sure where that situation in Chicago is going. DeMar DeRozan in year two of a three-year deal. Nikola Vucevic-- remember, they gave up two first round picks in that Wendell Carter deal. That kind of helped legitimize them, in a way. Vucevic was a more polished player [? till ?] that point. Even if he's not impacting winning now, it meant something to them. And I think that opened the door for DeMar DeRozan to get there.

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But it's important to note the Bulls do not have any picks in this Victor Wembanyama draft. I wouldn't be shocked if the Bulls were out there a little bit more in the trade market, especially if they keep sputtering. Are the Bulls the most likely team to break things up with valuable-ish pieces, with veteran pieces, with pieces that make a lot of money, playoff-proven pieces that can go somewhere, anywhere, to help augment another team that's a little bit in the muck right now?

JAKE FISCHER: They're absolutely a team that is teetering on that edge, that rival front offices, teams that want to buy, they have whiteboards in their offices, and they are pulling up potential scenarios that could come maybe not now, but before February 9. And Chicago is for sure one of those teams that others are looking at and hoping, honestly, because it helps those buyers if there's more sellers in the market, right?

So the Lakers are definitely throwing a ton of internal ideas up on their whiteboards, and kicking thoughts around, and seeing what maybe they think they'll be able to get. The Zach LaVine portion of it all is probably a lot more intriguing to the Lakers than a DeMar DeRozan, Nikola Vucevic package, I'll say that.

I don't know how likely that will be. But I will say this, too--


VINCENT GOODWILL: Eff their picks--

JAKE FISCHER: --they're clearly--

VINCENT GOODWILL: --which is what the Lakers will say, eff them picks.

JAKE FISCHER: Well, I'm talking about the Chicago side of things. The Lakers, I think if Zach LaVine was on the table, that's the type of player-- when they've been saying both publicly and privately or whatever that they're holding out these picks and holding Russ for an actual difference-making player, they're talking about a Zach LaVine. They're talking about a Bradley Beal. They're talking about insert-- fill in the blank of other players that have been linked to LeBron and the Lakers down the line, right?


To your ultimate question of, like, will this happen, I think Chicago is going to wait. Because I do think there are people there who genuinely think that Lonzo could come around in January and solve this thing. But at that point in time--

VINCENT GOODWILL: How far down the line will you be as a franchise? And will the season get away from you by January?