What could an Amazon football deal with the Pac-12 look like?

Many college football industry insiders think the Pac-12 will strike a deal with Amazon for future football media rights.

A reader asked Jon Wilner, “Would the value of an Amazon TV deal be higher or lower than deals with Fox or ESPN considering Amazon has a lot less inventory?”

Here’s Wilner’s response:

“That depends largely on the number of games and the selection order. Amazon might pay more than ESPN to secure the A package of games, or vice versa.

“The ongoing media rights negotiations aren’t simply about settling on a dollar value.

“First and foremost, they are about crafting inventory packages that create the dollar value. We’d bet a nickel, but no more, that Amazon and ESPN will share the Pac-12’s top football inventory. And in that regard, the Big 12 seemingly has an advantage over the Pac-12.

“While the latter has better football brands with Oregon and Washington, the former arguably has a deeper well of quality games (more parity) to offer network partners.

“In other words, the Big 12’s third selection in a given week would be more attractive than the Pac-12’s third selection, in part because it will have 12 teams.”


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Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire