What new Cougars commit Elijah Crawford said on ‘BYU Sports Nation’

Elijah Crawford poses during his official recruiting visit at BYU. Crawford committed to Kevin Young's program Tuesday.
Elijah Crawford poses during his official recruiting visit at BYU. Crawford committed to Kevin Young's program Tuesday. | BYU Athletics

Elijah Crawford wasted no time in introducing himself to Cougar nation.

The newest BYU basketball signee joined BYUtv’s “BYU Sports Nation” Thursday to discuss his decision to come to Provo, his various skills as a player and more.

Here are some highlights from Crawford’s 11-minute interview.

On why he chose to commit to BYU

“(BYU) just checked off all my boxes. It’s a top-20 academic school, obviously I already had my relationship built with (assistant coach Brandon) Dunson, and Dunson kind of anchored me in. Also with coach Kevin Young, I trust what he’s telling me and I trust the process that I’m going to go through with him, in terms of me being a better college basketball player and him helping me be a pro.”

On how he fits in Kevin Young’s offensive system

“Coach Young, he’s for sure going to implement the NBA offense into our scheme. It’s going to be a lot of pick and roll, a lot of ball screens, and that’s really what I excel at in my opinion, coming off of ball screens, my decision-making and my preciseness.”

On his strengths as a player

“My playmaking skill is very high, coming off a pick I can pull up and make a shot, attack if I need to or kick it out to an open teammate. ... I feel like that will have defenses on their heels.”

On what impressed him during his recruiting visit to BYU

“The facilities were really nice. ... I feel like (we) are really invested in the basketball program, and that’s a big plus for me.”

On playing against top college talent in the Big 12

“I’m excited. I’m ready to get to it. I feel like it’ll be great competition day in and day out, which will do nothing but help me as a player and help me develop as a young man as well.”

On what he wants to accomplish right away at BYU

“I just want to come in and be a leader early and prove to the coaches that they can trust me. I want to come in with a winning mindset and do anything for the team to help us win.”

On how Kevin Young’s NBA background factored into his commitment

“That was a huge factor, from the jump he told me that not only did he want to help me get comfortable being a college player, but he wanted to help me get my game to the next level and become a pro, and I trust what he said. I truly believe he can do that for me.”

On his feelings to finally end his recruitment

“I feel like God has just put me in a position where I can excel and just do my best at life, basketball and all categories, so I would say I’m blessed and highly favored by the most high.”

What message he has for BYU fans

“Buckle up and get ready, because next year is going to be a show, next year we’re going to be winning, and in two to three years BYU will be a blue blood.”