Update: Haiden Deegan almost ends Coty Schock's Cinderella Season with aggressive pass

In the final turn of the 250 East Main at Progressive Stadium in Birmingham, Alabama, Haiden Deegan overrode the corner and shouldered Coty Schock out of seventh-place, sending Schock into the Tuff Blox and to the ground.

UPDATE: Incredibly, Coty Schock returned to the track five days after his surgery and posted the 11th fastest time in Group A, Qualification 1.

The awkward landing further exacerbated an injury from earlier in the season and broke Schock's collarbone. Schock will undergo surgery later in the week and there is no scheduled date for his return, which will put an end to a Cinderella Season that had him tied for fourth with Deegan in the 250 East championship standings at the end of the Birmingham round.

Replays of the incident show Deegan had no hope of completing the turn without broadsiding Schock.

Schock was having an incredible run for a team that lacks full factory backing. He finished fourth in the season opener in Detroit, eight in Arlington and sixth in Daytona.

Schock entered Birmingham just one point behind Deegan and only four points behind the leader Max Anstie, as the field entered the Birmingham round.

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Earlier in the Birmingham program, Schock earned his first 250 heat win in the same race that witnessed Deegan also crashing with Seth Hammaker when those two riders ran out of room in Turn 1. Deegan finished 17th with a damaged bike and was forced to make his way into the Main via the Last Chance Qualifier — the first time Deegan has ever had to do so.

In the Main, Deegan got a poor start and was ridden off track. He did not slow down and was penalized two positions for gaining an advantage while off track on the first lap, which meant that ultimately, he was not racing Schock for position.

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Schock was credited with eighth despite the crash. Deegan officially finished ninth. They left the track tied for fourth in the standings.

“I knew he was there and even knew that he would try to make an aggressive pass," Schock said after the race in a release. "There was plenty of room and really no need to blast a fellow Yamaha rider off the track. I just wasn’t expecting that for seventh place. A wise man told me,18-year-olds will do what 18-year-olds will do. I chalk it up to a racing incident and I will learn from it and move on."

On Sunday, Schock provided an update on Instagram.

"Daytona had put like a hairline fracture on my collarbone," Schock said. "It was healing and last night, the whole incident I had in the Main Even solidified everything fully broke the collarbone. It's laying on top of each other now. It sucks, but I'm here in Southern California looking to get surgery [Monday] and start the recovery process. Don't know when I will be back, but I have to thank the whole ClubMX crew for sticking behind me and believing in me."

Saturday night on Instagram, Deegan wrote: "Night didn’t go as planned, I will always ride with heart, I’m sorry the emotions got the best of me tonight, now back to work I’ll see you in Indy!"

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