‘Cotton Eye Joe’ interrupts crucial tie-break point at Canadian Open

The song “Cotten Eye Joe” interrupted a semi-final tennis match at the National Bank Open in Canada.

In the tiebreak of a close second set, the country folk song started to play over the speakers, interrupting Jessica Pegula and Iga Swiatek at a pivotal point of the match.

Swiatek was serving, down 4-3 in the tiebreak, when the game was suddenly halted mid-point.

“Oh wow, ‘Cotton Eye Joe’ just came on mid-rally,” the commentator says, reacting to the bizarre moment.

The point was replayed and Swiatek went on to win the tiebreak and force a third set.

It wasn’t enough for the win, though, as Pegula took the final set and the match, 6-2, 6-7, 6-4.